(Inglês) Almost good!

06 July 2009


It's been a while since I wrote my last post. That's because I was a little bored of writing. But now, I think I'm good to start it again. Did you miss me? :)

When I moved this blog from the old server I had some troubles during the change and I was too lazy to fix them, until today. I took a deep breath and made a fresh install of Wordpress. I still have to install some missing plugins, but I'm pretty confident that everything is going to work normally again.

I also changed the blog template (but I guess that you can see that, right?) and during the next few days I'll still be adjusting it to look better ( I don't know if it's possible for it to look good, but I liked it anyway).

So, from now on you can start waiting for regular updates again on this blog :).

By the way, I gave up on my Flickr because it really sucks. So if you want to see my pictures you can go to my Picasa Web. I hope you enjoy! :)

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